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available anywhere to start your

Home-Based Internet Marketing Business!


Do you know that becoming a

Search Engine Optimizer

can be a very lucrative and profitable

Home-Based Internet Marketing business?


In order to better understand how SEO can generate leads and revenue for you and your

clients and why SEO works, you will have to spend hours online researching the subject.

Or, you could let someone else do the research and you could reap the benefits!


That's what The Search Engine Marketing Kit is all about!


This phenomenal search engine optimization training is one of

the best Internet marketing tools you can find anywhere

for starting, running, and growing a successful Home-Based Internet Marketing



What can The Search Engine Marketing Kit do for you?

It will:


·         Reveal the best internet marketing tips to maximize traffic

·         Show you vital keyword tactics that you won't find anywhere else

·         Teach you how to effectively optimize pages and build links

·         Divulge the secrets to maintaining your presence with the search engines

·         Give you the tools that you need to work around server issues and other obstacles such as Flash and content management systems

·         Demonstrate how to create, optimize and manage advanced pay-per-click campaigns

·         Open the door for you to sell your own professional search engine marketing services


The only way that you can lose with

The Search Engine Marketing Kit

is to not follow the proven techniques

outlined throughout.

This is the ultimate

Search Engine Optimization Training

to start or grow your Home-Based Internet Marketing Business

and it's right at your fingertips!



The Search Engine Marketing Kit


Who can benefit from

The Search Engine Marketing Kit?


If you're serious about starting a lucrative home-based business, you need the proper training to be able to get and keep your clients! Anyone who is looking to start a work at home Internet marketing business cannot pass up this Internet marketing training that offers a

proven formula for success!


By learning the strategies outlined in

The Search Engine Marketing Kit

you will be able to achieve ultimate success

with your Home-Based Internet Marketing Business!

Your clients will realize an increased amount of traffic to their sites

which will result in more leads and sales and

will they will experience the company growth that's somehow been out of reach until now.

All this equals increased and recurring revenue for you!



The Search Engine Marketing Kit

will help you establish and grow your business

by showing you how to create search engine optimized Websites

that can help make any business with an online presence



Calling All Home-Based Internet Marketers !!!

Did you know the average SEO Firm has 9 employees, 35 clients with an average value of
$30,107 each, and $157,796 in annual revenue per employee
(source: MarketingSherpa's Buyers Guide to SEO Firms, 3rd Edition)?

By offering search engine marketing services you'll not only be able to generate a good income, you'll also be able to deliver traffic, leads and sales to your clients and your potential value to your clients will go through the roof.

The The Search Engine Marketing Kit will show you not only how to create optimized Websites, but also step-by-step how to market, present, and price your search engine services.

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You could attend countless search engine workshops

and never find the Internet marketing training that you will find

in this comprehensive Internet marketing course

which is designed for people like you

who are looking to start a Home-Based Internet Marketing business

or who already have a Home-Based Internet Marketing business!


With this search engine marketing training,

you will learn how to increase your client's traffic

and increase your client's sales!



The Search Engine Marketing Kit

is an all-inclusive and up-to-date guide on the world of search engines.

You will not find a SEO training class or Internet marketing guide anywhere

that will teach you all of the optimization, keyword selection and pay-per-click strategies that

have been reviewed by today's leading authorities

and are available only through this offer!



Keep reading to discover why

this is the best Internet marketing course available today!


What's in

The Search Engine Marketing Kit?


 This search engine optimization training

is divided into 7 sections.


Understanding Search Engines


·         The search engine landscape is changing. How it is developing for 2006?

·         Crawlers are everywhere! What are they and how do they work?

·         What's the deal with spiders? Learn how they interact with DNS, server problems and dynamic sites.

·         What about search engine databases? Are they storing data about your webpages?

·         How do link analysis, hubs and Google PageRank actually work?

·         Ranking. How exactly does that happen? Learn the behind-the-scene secrets on how the search queries are processed and ranked.

·         What are the top search trends for 2006? You'll get the insight that you need right here!



Search Engine Optimization


With The Search Engine Marketing Kit you will have the most comprehensive search engine optimization training ever!


Included are methods for:

advanced keyword research and selection strategies,

superior submission and paid-inclusion tactics,

determining how best to optimize the top five key elements of each of your Web pages,

solving page layout and HTML issues and improving crawlability for optimal site indexing,

developing a link strategy, and

avoiding being banned or labeled as a search engine spammer and manage your external profile.


Advanced SEO & Search Engine Friendly Design


Do you fully understand advanced spider control and redirection strategies? Are you able to locate and repair any server and domain issues that may arise, such as dealing with multiple domains, redirects, affiliate program links, custom error pages or domain name moves? In order to understand insider secrets to marketing your business on the Internet, you first have to learn the basics of search engine optimization and how to avoid pitfalls. There are a variety of internet marketing books out there that can help, but you may have to wade through quite a few of them before you start to get a grasp on this vital part of maintaining a successful Web presence. Or you could simply depend on what is the very best in search engine optimization training

The Search Engine Marketing Kit!



SEM Tools

Learn how tables, CSS layout and frames affect indexing

and how to deal with Flash, dynamic site and server issues.

You'll also learn how to create crawlable DHTML and JavaScript menus,

as well as learn how to avoid mistakes,

such as creating duplicate content for search engines

and how to recognize and diagnose the problem if it does occur.



Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Do you know what the difference is between paid inclusion, trusted feeds and paid directory inclusion programs? The right search engine optimization training will give you an overview of the PPC alternatives.


As someone with a home based Internet marketing business,

 you need to be aware of all of the SEO options available to you.

With The Search Engine Marketing Kit you will learn everything that you need to

know about Pay-Per-Click advertising, with step-by-step instructions that take you through the

PPC advertising process on Overture and Google, including

the crucial difference between the two!



This Internet marketing training also illustrates how to:


·         Handle advanced “Dayparting,” positioning, targeting and distribution strategies

·         Write ads that qualify and motivate visitors at the same time

·         Test using quadrants, the A/B/C method, and benchmarking with step-by-step advice

·         Improve your conversion rate

·         And so much more!!


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Running a Search Engine Home Based

Internet Marketing Business


Let's face it, there's a lot to learn! In this business,

ignorance can cost you – big time!

That's why you need as much home business

Internet marketing help that you can get!


This search engine optimization training is invaluable to your business!


Here is what our customers are saying about this product:

"I think this ebook is great. It is simple, easy to use and easy to follow. It even breaks down basic SEO teachniques and advance one's in different sections which ensures that people with different level of knowledge can equally benefit. The section on keyword analysis is simply great because ordinary website heavily rely on targeted keywords. It has been a great pleasure for me to read this book and put these methods into practice."

Asad Mahmood, 30 Jul 2006

"Good Reference book for anything to do with SEO. Well worth the investment and thanks for the very quick delivery."

CPX Computer Solutions Ltd, 20 Jul 2006

"Very helpful book. I look forward to putting these ideas to work. I've already begun doing just that."

Patrick Shrader, 12 Jul 2006

"Great insights to the SEO world for both beginner and more advanced SE optimizers."

Carlos Dieter, 7 Jul 2006

"Being a novice to web advertising, I can't say how well I am able to review the content of Dan Thies' book, but I found it quite accessible, logically structured, and cogently written. He has a talent for making complex concepts understandable, and accessible, even to a neophyte such as myself. I feel the kit is a great value, and has increased my understanding of search engines and how to advertise successfully on them."

Maury Christie, 17 Mar 2006



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The Search Engine Marketing Kit delivers!


·         Receive detailed advice on preparing to sell your services

·         Know exactly what processes and tools you'll need and which essential services to offer

·         Understand the services selling cycle

·         Gain experience and references

·         Find out how best to price your services





Have access to insider information from top SEO experts as you learn Internet marketing from Andy Beal, the owner of the world's larges SEM firm with over 150 employees (, Jill Whalen of High Rankings, John Slade of Overture, Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR, and Scottie Claiborne of the Karcher Group.




This is already a fantastic deal, but there's more!


With The Search Engine Marketing Kit you'll get over a dozen pages worth of reviewed resources and tools to help you with your search engine marketing efforts. You'll receive reviews of analysis tools, PPC tools,

and a variety of keyword research services.



The Search Engine Marketing Kit



The Search Engine Marketing Kit

With FREE  30 Minute

Internet Marketing Consultation

and FREE  Shipping


Just $249!


The Search Engine Marketing Kit

is a revolutionary Internet marketing training program

developed by Dan Thies




·        For the past six years, Dan Thies has been an expert search engine consultant and a highly sought after speaker, offering his expertise at all US-based “Search Engine Strategies” conferences.

·        He is an executive member of SEOPros, an organization for search engine professionals.

·        His 15 week coaching program costs $1695 USD and the number of participants who have obtained their search engine optimization certification continues to climb!



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Included in the Kit:


You would expect to pay much more for what you'll receive when you order

The Search Engine Marketing Kit!


In addition to the 301 page letter-size binder full of detailed how-to information, tips and strategies, you'll also get a CD-ROM that contains everything that you need to get started right away with your own search engine marketing business! The tools and documents in the CD-ROM simplify your search engine marketing efforts and include:


·         Sample SEM Proposal

·         Client Assessment Form

·         Keyword Analysis Worksheet

·         Directory Planning Worksheet

·         Sample SEO Presentation

·         Process Flowchart

·         Sample SEM Services Agreement

·         Site Review Checklist


… and much more!



Internet marketing statistics show that search engine optimization is the first step in having a successful online presence, which is essential for a home based Internet marketing business. But there is so much that you have to know in order to make sure that your SEO is done correctly. That's why you need search engine optimization training and who better to get it from than Dan Thies, a foremost authority in search engine marketing. Although he demands and gets $1695 for his 15-week Internet marketing course, the charge is only $249 USD for The Search Engine Marketing Kit, which includes a complimentary 30 minute Internet Marketing Consultation!

Where else can you get FREE SEO ADVICE?


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Just click the link to order the kit through this Website

for only $249!


In just one short week you'll be on your way to discovering the secrets of successful SEO Websites! The binder and CD-ROM will be hand-delivered to your home or office, offering you hundreds of pages of how-to advice and insight from one of the leading search engine marketing experts in the world and support from the one of the top search engine optimization firms!


For a limited time,

we are also offering free national and international shipping via UPS for all orders within the US and Canada and

via USPS Global Express Mail for all other countries.


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Still not sure if you want to order? Feel free to download a sample chapter of the book.

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